Though not quite as familiar as the story of their children, the tale of the infamous Marauders is a well-known one. However, what would happen if the tale were to change? Suddenly James may find that Lily is more trouble than she's worth, and they both fall in love with other people. Or Sirius decides that perhaps it would be best to return home after all, and he and his family reconcile and put their differences behind them. This time around, the tale is Rewritten.

In-Game Date: Oct. 1977


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Dolores Umbridge • Perrie Edwards • TAKEN

“Power and control, I’m gonna make you fall.”

↳ Background

Dolores was brought up by her grandmother after her parents died in an accident of unknown cause. Her grandmother was stern, strict, and strong. If Dolores came down to breakfast with a wrinkle in her clothes, she’d go back upstairs to reorganize her grandmother’s library by hand, her cheek stinging, and she wouldn’t have her meals that day. Dolores learned very quickly, and very young, what it meant to be perfect. Manners were everything. Her grandmother instilled the very best behavior into her from the moment the young Dolores stepped through her doors, and though her methods were questionable, Dolores admires her grandmother more than anything.

Dolores is remarkably intelligent, likely her grandmother’s doing. But more than that, she is observant. She knows what makes people tick, and she knows how to use it against them. However, she is a stickler for the rules – she would sooner swim with the Giant Squid than break a rule at Hogwarts. Oh, but she has no problem catching others breaking rules – and tattling. A rival of Rita Skeeter, she knows all the gossip that goes on within the walls of Hogwarts, and she holds that above everybody’s head. Not many are fond of this conniving goody two shoes. And those that are, well, they best be careful Dolores doesn’t turn on them next.

Though she is bafflingly cunning, and she can blackmail like no one’s business, the teacher’s are completely unaware of her perhaps sometimes unethical methods of dealing with rule breakers. This is because Dolores has a way of changing from menacing to sickeningly sweet, and only those who have been exposed to the other side of her can tell the difference. There’s also the small, or rather large, annoyance that comes with being Dolores, and that happens to be that she is an extreme perfectionist. Things must go her way, must be in a certain order, must match; everything has to be the way she needs it to be, or else her temper flares.

Other Information

House: Ravenclaw

Year: 6th

Blood Status: Pureblood

cunning, observant, obedient

deceptive, temperamental, manipulative

Show Notes