Though not quite as familiar as the story of their children, the tale of the infamous Marauders is a well-known one. However, what would happen if the tale were to change? Suddenly James may find that Lily is more trouble than she's worth, and they both fall in love with other people. Or Sirius decides that perhaps it would be best to return home after all, and he and his family reconcile and put their differences behind them. This time around, the tale is Rewritten.

In-Game Date: Oct. 1977


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Bernard Stebbins • Nico Tortorella • OPEN

“You’ll see my face on the cover of a magazine one day, you’ll hear my voice blaring out your car radio… I’mma do big things.”

↳ Background

In Bernard Stebbins’ eyes, nothing he will ever do will make up for what his mother gave up for him. His mother was a very talented actress - her parents were willing to her everything for her dream. And she made it big-time. She was one of the lucky ones whose name ends up in lights, one of the ones who gets to cross off name after name on their list of dream roles. Her very last show was Once Upon a Mattress, as part of the cast after almost all the roles had already been switched out and none of the original cast remained. She was currently seeing one of the other actors in the show, but her agent offered her a wonderful job… if she’d sleep with him first. Eager to get the audition, she did it, and she soon found herself in the same position as Lady Larkin in the musical - pregnant. Her boyfriend left her and she decided to give up acting for good. Bernard knew his mother loved him, but growing up in a single parent home with a mother who always looked out the window and dreamed, starry-eyed, of what could have been wasn’t easy. Bernard grew to love the theater as much as he loved his mother, and was a very good actor and singer. 

After Hogwarts, he plans to go to the Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts and become a professional actor. However, while still in school, he enjoys both Music and Muggle Music, and even dabbles in the regular art classes. He takes Divination and makes notes on how theatrical the teacher can be, taking in her better performances and rejected failed methods of selling her prophecies. He’s a mediocre student in any other classes, not that he minds too much.

Like any serious theater kid, Bernard is generally a good person, except when it comes to a role or solo he wants. If you stand between him and the lead in the school musical, you best move or be prepared to be knocked out of the way. This is beyond doing it for his own satisfaction - he’s doing it to try and please his mother, the person who gave up everything to give him a good life. At times, Bernard can get a bit of an inflated head, but it normally doesn’t last long. Growing to understand his mother’s constant state of mind has made him a very empathetic person, and his pride will never stand in the way of that.

 Other Information

House: Gryffindor

Year: 7th Year

Blood Status: Muggleborn

ambitious, empathetic, talented

jealous, big-headed, greedy

Show Notes